Let’s Talk about Guns, Baby

Guns need to be the sole weapon of discussion in the gun debate.

One of the most common arguments against gun reform goes something like, “If we restrict access to guns, they will just use a knife, a hammer a bomb or something. People who want to kill will find a way.”

It’s almost the argument to shut down the debate. You can’t argue for gun reform once someone equates everyday objects to guns. Because no, we don’t actually want restrictions on hammers, kitchen knives or any other non-bullet firing item they are hypothesizing.

The argument is bullshit.

The motivated person will likely not use any other method to kill because there is literally no other object on earth like a gun. When we talk about gun control, it is because we have a problem with people being shot. We are not talking about murder in general, we are talking about people shooting people with guns.


We are talking about guns here, people. You want to discuss how to prevent stabbings, we’ll do that later. Today, we are going to have a conversation around how to keep guns out of the hands of those who will use them to kill people.

One way, is to restrict access to guns. Only people who are true “responsible gun owners” should have guns. We all agree on that.

We have to obtain our guns like we would obtain our driver’s license. We have to insure our guns like we do our cars. We have to keep track of guns like we do our money. We have to respect our guns for what they are. They are designed to stop living beings from being alive. That’s it.

Even with the, “I need it for home protection” argument is one of death. I need to be able to kill someone if they break in my house. Not an illogical argument in and of itself, but still, one of death.

Guns kill people. Yes, by people, but that’s not the point. The point is people with guns kill people.

I know it’s being said over and over and over again that someone who wanted to shoot up a school would still attack the school, only with a different weapon, but that is a lie.

How do I know? It’s right there in the argument.

Someone who wanted to shoot up a school.

Someone who wanted to shoot up a school.

Someone who wanted to shoot up a school.

He wanted to shoot.

He didn’t want to kill. He wanted to shoot them, and he wanted a front row seat of their deaths so he could feel more powerful than they.

Maximum damage. Minimal risk. Front Row Seat. Nothing else provides all three.

A knife will not kill as many people as a gun.

Wielding a knife carries significant risk, especially if one person begins stabbing people in class. Someone, or a group of someone’s will stop them rather quickly, and they might even turn and kill the killer.

That’s not how he’s going to go out. He’s not going to let them, the people he despises, get the last word. No way.

Yes they want to kill people and could theoretically use a bomb to kill a lot of people. But they don’t just want to kill a lot of people. They want to see people die. They want people to know they are the ones killing them.

How do I know they won’t use a bomb? The Columbine killers had bombs. They could have just made more bombs and blown up the entire school. But they didn’t. They wanted to kill people with guns.

You feel invincible behind a gun. You can, almost literally, get whatever you want if you point a gun at someone. Guns are the ultimate equalizer. In the words of Chris Rock, “You got pecs? I got TECHS.”

Whatever is drawing these men to commit mass shootings, it has a lot to do with them needing to feel powerful.

So let’s talk about how to keep guns away from these men. I say men, only because 100% of mass shootings have been done by men, and this discussion centers around mass shootings. Please don’t get offended if I don’t say “keep guns away from these people.” Because for now, women are responsible for 0% of mass shootings.

That said, we can discuss how to end gun violence as a whole, but that is a different story. We live our normal lives every day and people get shot to death every day. Our country at large is only hyper aware that yes, it could happen to us after a horrific mass shooting.

So let’s talk about how to keep guns away from the men likely to commit mass shootings.

What do they have in common? I don’t have all the answers, but this question needs to be addressed, and maybe we could then find some practical solutions.

For example, do most mass shooters stockpile bullets? According to media coverage, by and large, they do. So, how and where are they purchasing their ammo and can we track the purchases?

We track how much Sudafed a person buys just by attaching their license number to the purchase. Why can’t we do that with bullet sales?

The right to bear arms says nothing about whether or not you can be requried to give over your license number and only buy a reasonable amount of bullets per month.

Sure, people will find ways around this, but they instituted the Sudafed rule years ago and a meth explosion blew up a house in my neighborhood 8 months ago.

Just because people will find a way around the rules does not mean we shouldn’t enact rules.

The biggest problem with mass shootings (and shootings in general) is a motivated person’s access to an arsenal of weapons and an endless supply of bullets.

That is what we have to talk about when we are having the gun debate. And motivated people’s access to guns is all we should be talking about.

Stop the bullshit arguments. Let’s have the tough conversations, because at the end of the day, doesn’t every single person in America agree that we need to do better at keeping guns out of the hands of people motivated to kill people?


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